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2022 FEATURE Film Selections!


The Haunting of the Murder House

In October, four filmmakers disappeared in a haunted house while live streaming on social media. A year later, their footage was found.


Set in the year 2029 after a decade long pandemic kills over four billion people worldwide, SARS-29 is a fictional documentary that explores how the world has changed through the stories of thirty survivors.

Camp Terror

The Quiet town of Forrest Lakes was paralyzed by devastating events that took place involving the myth of a bullied child and his psychotic revenge on the camp grounds where he had been left for dead long ago. We follow the story of a young girl and the massacre she witnessed that to this day has still gone unsolved. 20 years later Katie Becks has now sworn to serve and protect the place where she once lost everything. As a group of friends explore the closed camp they quickly realize there is truth to the stories they've been told. Crippling fear and sheer terror is unleashed in what becomes the most disturbing acts this community has ever seen. 

Puppet Killer

While celebrating Christmas at a cabin in the woods, a group of high school students are stalked by a psychotic killer obsessed with horror movie icons. 


The film follows “The Professor”, a man suffering from a terminal disease, who by a twist of fate, witnesses an incredible event involving his mysterious neighbor Agatha. Hoping to find a cure to his sickness - he agrees to follow her on a strange and risky journey into a forgotten but not entirely deserted urban wasteland.

AGATHA is designed to evoke an unsettling mood and to leave many unanswered questions about the events taking place within the story. The passing of time and the disintegration of nature, institutions, and people all set the tone for a story. 

Night Shift

After a break-in occurs during her first night on the job, the lone night shift janitor must fight to survive when she becomes the target of the masked intruders. 

The Chamber of Terror

Nash Caruthers is on a deadly collision course with the people that tore his world apart...along with something unexpected. Something far more sinister. 

All Eyes

A disgraced podcast host interviews an eccentric farmer who claims to have a monster living in the woods near his house. 

The Awakening of Lilith

A woman finds herself in the midst of a dark mystery after the unexplained loss of a loved one. Her mind begins to unravel as her sense of reality begins to slip away.

H.P. Lovecraft's Witch House

Graduate student Alice Gilman is running from an abusive past. She seeks refuge in the infamous Hannah house; a historic home with an ominous past. Determined to prove the possibility of alternate dimensions, she unknowingly unlocks a gateway to unimaginable horror. Facing a series of bizarre and violent events, Alice is plagued by nightmarish dreams of these evil entities. Trapped between the 4th dimension and reality, the diabolical truth is revealed as Alice fights for her sanity and her very soul. Based on the H.P. Lovecraft’s short story The Dreams in the Witch House, WITCH HOUSE blurs the boundaries between reality, dreams...and the beyond.

2022 SHORT Film Selections!


Dinner is Served

A man prepares a meal for his pet and himself.


A modern reimagining of Edgar Allan Poe's classic poem "The Raven."

The Red Orchid

Deep in the swamps of Florida, an Indian Tribe prepares for the coming of an entity which seeks to feed on the children.

In The Shadow Of God

As a woman packs up her childhood home following the passing of her father, she comes to learn that there may have been a more sinister threat behind his death, long buried on the grounds of the family home.


Unable to bring herself to leave her home, a young woman trying to hold it together starts to crack.

The Hat Man

Based on the only universal supernatural phenomenon that is continually experienced and reported on, a tormented young woman suffering from sleep paralysis blames the tragic death of her father on a powerful demonic entity. With the help of a hypnotherapist, she must now venture into the darkest corners of her mind before becoming the latest victim of The Hat Man.


A female profiler puts her life at stake to entrap a serial killer whose childhood abuse is triggered by social media influencers exploiting their sensuality to get ahead.

Hard As It Gets

While going door to door seeking votes cocky city councilman, Ernie Torres, gets caught up in a sticky situation with a disturbing man that has a thirst for corrupted individuals.

Period Drama

In Victorian-era England, highly precocious and imaginative eleven-year-old Georgiana Crimsworth is up late enjoying a good book. She suddenly experiences cramps and finds blood on her sheets. Not having received the talk yet, she doesn’t understand that this is her first period, and she thinks she’s dying. Her imagination runs amok as she searches for answers among sins and deadly disease, and fears the worst for what this means for herself and for her family.


Trapped on a boat, a woman is haunted by fear itself.


It is 1942, in the dark woods of Pennsylvania, Richard Mason is the Familiar to a hideous ancient vampiric creature living in the bowels of an isolated mansion.
Every day he must bring a new victim for it to feed on and tolerate its physical and mental abuse.

Swipe Fiend

When a young man "likes" a monstrously deformed woman on a dating app, he doesn't expect to immediately "match" with her - or how deadly serious she'll take wanting to meet up.


Sophia, a fearful young woman, accidentally lets a demonic entity loose while moving to her new house. She has to face the entity who reflects her personal struggle with insecurity.


A mysterious wanderer known as #9336 escapes a remote underground testing facility and encounters a hapless humanitarian.

Notice Her Cadence

A young woman endures mental dysmorphia.

The Wheel

A woman is terrorized by a cursed antique.

Where Monsters Lurk

After weeks of withdrawing from the outside world, Kelly is now isolated, depressed and self-medicating.She wakes up late in her dingey apartment and attempts to survive the day. If she’s lucky, she can do this in relative peace. If not, she suffers through a litany of cruel insults in her mind until she numbs herself. Unless she turns this spiral around, it will be the beginning of her end.

The Witch

A woman is haunted by a presence. Every night it comes back. But is it real, or just her imagination?

The Recipe

A housewife in the 1970’s procures all the ingredients for a deadly dish that liberates her from not only her marriage, but reality itself.

Number 7

A woman wakes up in the woods all alone. After a while moving carefully through the thick forest, she trips and falls. When she turns around she looks into the eyes of a dead person.
What is her number?

The Pattersons

After waking up in the middle of a television show, a disoriented girl navigates her way through the episode in order to escape while avoiding the omnipresent cameras that stalk her and her “family.”

In The Dark

In the Dark is the story of a charming date that takes a nightmarish turn when the lights go out…
After six dates, a young woman is excited to be invited over to her new guy’s apartment for the first time. Despite warnings of red flags from her roommate, it seems the date, and his place, are perfect. He’s nothing like the previous weirdos that she’s met online. But just as things are spicing up, he reveals that he is deathly afraid of the dark. Did she end up with another loser? Or will ignoring his childish fears prove to be a fatal mistake?

Plant Story

Martine is a kind, misunderstood, loner just trying to fit in.
One day while browsing social media he falls into a deep dive, discovering the world of the underground plant sub-culture.
This includes one of the trendiest current influencers, Plant Witch, and the king of plant culture, Plant Daddy.

“Plant Story” centers around 3 characters vying to be the ultimate social media star, but every level of success comes with a price.

Until Sunrise

As three friends discover their town has been invaded by monsters, they must grapple with a deadly choice - do they save their trapped friend, or do they save themselves?


Soon after moving in together, a couple is forced to confront their challenges with intimacy, exacerbated by a toxic yeast infection and deep rooted insecurities, as their relationship slowly devolves.


A couple takes a chance on an odd, beautiful restaurant, only to learn looks are deceiving.


A queer man prepares to face his deepest fears about intimacy before a romantic evening. After his date arrives, the night takes a grotesque dive into terror.

Death in a Box

A mysterious organic box appears floating above the ground just outside of town. Samara convinces her best friend Ava to check out the box and its sinister revelations quickly unfold.


When her best friend turns to her for help, a tortured young girl shares her darkest, most powerful secret. This was a mistake.


Relationships can be killer, but the best advice for a successful one, is patience and a short memory.


Jean and Frank are lovely suburban parents who tragically lose their son, Timmy in a house fire. The two of them have a hard time moving forward in their lives, feeling guilty about their sons’ death causes them to make some unconventional lifestyle choices. When a nosy neighbour starts to creeping up on them. They have to do whatever it takes to hide their sinister secret.

The Devil in Bitter Woods

In 1875, a slow-witted man meets the Devil in the woods and tries to bargain for his life.


Two young people, a girl and a boy, will have to face a venereal disease after having sexual relations.

The Spoiled

"The Spoiled" is a short film that blends western visuals with slow burn thriller tension. A broken farmer details the final hours spent with his estranged daughter. His poorly thought out scheme to change property lines opens up a sinister pit that infects them both. As the day and night unfold, his decent into madness is only made more hers.


Olivia and her friends sneak into an abandoned house to play a game of seven minutes in heaven. As luck would have it, she and her crush, James, end up in a closet together. However things go from awkward to terrifying when the closet goes dark and they are attacked by a shapeshifting monster.

Super Host

An Airbnb host discovers an insidious spirit occupying her condo.


Drew exists on the edge of society never considering the lives of others. Why should he? They never cared for him. It is a past full of bad choices filled with untreated trauma that have lead him to this moment. This decision to take his fortune at gunpoint in a connivence store might have gone off perfectly if it weren’t for a curious little customer and a shadowed stalking presence known only as the Blackhatter.

Livin' After Midnight

Two queer vampires navigate the possibility of a relationship after accidentally hunting each other on a date.​

A Sirens Call

"A Sirens Call" tells the mythical tale of a woman driven by power who is willing to do anything to get it.


An older woman returns home to find life has taken a frightening twist.


A lone traveler experiences a night of terror while lost in a vast desert.

The Peek-A-Boo Man

*No synopsis provided by filmmaker.


Overcome by jealousy, an aging drag queen takes extreme measures to ensure her spotlight.

Little Sparrow

Paloma and her two siblings venture into the woods to spread their grandmother’s ashes but find themselves at the mercy of a demonic creature that preys on their faults and fears.

Wayward Souls

A young boy with overprotective parents wakes up to find his school bully in his bedroom with no recollection of how he got there after it’s revealed he’s been missing for several weeks. Forced to put aside their differences and past experiences, they set out to uncover the circumstances of the bully's disappearance, leading them to uncover a very dark and horrific secret.


It seemed like any ordinary day. Until it wasn't.

What's So Scary?

When 5 friends share what scares them the most, a visitor might be the answer.

The Missing Cymbal

An incompetent high school glam metal band accidentally kills their drummer en route to a gig, then lose track of the body.

Fear Frenzy!

When a game show goes off the rails, a husband and wife are forced to reconnect in order to save each other from an apathetic fate.

It's In The Air

Two girls waiting to meet friends on Halloween night encounter a stalker only to discover there may be something scarier.


Social Media can be a Killer on the Mind!!!

Last Orders

A pub landlord with a dark past gets an unsettling visit one evening.

Knock, Knock, Knock

While on a business trip, two men become the target of someones "Trick" a few days before Halloween. This film was shot entirely on the iPhone 13 Pro Max

My Dinner with Chuck

During a terrible blind date and a low point in her life, Mallory begins talking to her crab dinner named Chuck - is she crazy or will she actually listen to what Chuck says?


In the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Chris, a paranoid and self-centered man, is happily avoiding all human contact, preferring to escape from reality in whatever's on TV. When a friend reaches out to him to confront him about his past promises, Chris has to decide what kind of person he is inside, or it may just eat him...alive.

The Quadruple Effect

After her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, a young girl finds herself fighting for her life in a spine chilling nexus she just can’t seem to escape.


A share ride driver struggles with what to do when he realizes that there is something very wrong with the passengers in his backseat.

Split Ends

From the festering wound of an impulsive decision is born Isa's fear that her abuela is forgetting her. Any twenty-something could tell you they’ve chopped off their hair as a means of regaining agency in uncertain times. Instant regret: what if this exacerbates her abuela’s dementia? Instant defiance: her mother's disapproving opinion is unwelcome. The harder Isa bites down on the spot of her tongue that tastes like remorse, the more decapitated hair crawls up her drain pipes; a manifestation of her complex anticipatory grief. No choice but to confront it. This horror is a commentary on Latinx beauty standards––especially ones that concern women's hair and are perpetuated by mothers.


A young woman battles a formidable foe in her own home.

A Real Killjoy

Sam Jones is stuck in a zombie apocalyptic world and is surrounded by incapable survivors. She may have found love, but she's got a zombie to contend with, and her surprise guest does her no favors. She's got a bat and, she's got guts, so only time will tell if she lives or dies.

Angel City Horror

Los Angeles, 1951. Detectives George Hard and Glenn O'Brian investigate the disappearance of a mental patient from LA's most notorious insane asylum and discover something evil lurking inside.

The Effigy of Mary Seer

A young girl finds an old doll in the remnants of a bonfire. She has no idea how it got there, or where it came from. But when she discovers that she can see through the doll's eye, she will uncover the terrifying truth.


An ill woman has an unwelcome visitor

The Witches of Bushwick

THE WITCHES OF BUSHWICK is inspired by #WitchesofInstagram one of social media's darker and most trending sub-cultures. The film talks about the people behind the hashtag, blending horror and satire to produce a biting critique of social media. The short film centers around a young woman who is about to be initiated into a modern coven. When things - inevitably - start to go wrong, however, the witchy influencers find that they are no match for the actual supernatural.


A man lost in a landscape accepts a lift from a stranger.

Birthday Boy

An abusive dad gets his just desserts on his birthday.

Patricia Sterling

A bored, affluent woman sets out to fill the void in her life by sadistically tackling a "Worst Ways to Die" list she finds on the internet.


An intruder meets an impatient inhabitant.


A woman's horrible pass comes back to haunt her.


In 2001 a tragic prank took the life of mentally challenged video store rewinder Jacob Cobb. Twenty years later Jacob's corpse has been inadvertently awaken by three hapless goons who have big plans of reopening The Video Barn. Cashing in on the urban legends which surround Jacob's death will be the least of their worries as the once innocent video store clerk returns from the grave to exact his revenge!

The Radio

Ellen an Antique and Radio shop owner purchases an old radio that is believed to be broken from Denver who is selling it after his parent’s passed away. Taking it back to her shop, the Radio begins to start acting supernatural.

GRANDPA: The Horror

Grandpa can’t live without his deceased beloved Grandma and now he doesn’t have to… True love never dies.

Bump in the Night

Laurie arrives to her new home just in time to get a call from her husband that he won't be making it that first night; she'll have to spend it alone. As she acquaints herself with this former fraternity house, strange disturbances alert her to an unseen force bent on keeping her around. The night presents an increasingly musical danger as Laurie dodges spiked drinks, threats in the darkness, and moving furniture. Her only hope is escape, but this is one party that simply doesn't want to end. And what's a party without its guests?

Video Man

Video rental stores are dying, but not before you.

Filmed and edited entirely on iPhone during early stage COVID stay-at-home era.


*No synopsis provided by filmmaker.

The Terror Just Off US:1

A dark night in 1957, just off the interstate, two lovers are visiting their favorite spot to be alone.
On this fateful night they will meet the ultimate evil.

Spin to Win

When two teenage girls get kidnapped and taken to a warehouse, they're forced to face their Imminent death in the form of a game show.

Good Neighbors

An art student finds success through mysterious elves. A film adaptation of the Shoemaker and the Elves fairytale.

What It Feels Like for a Girl

A woman makes the most of a bad day.

Variant Z

A group of theater students take shelter in school to avoid a zombie outbreak that has quickly consumed the town.


A menacing spirit lurks in the mangroves waiting for an unsuspecting victim. She is the Brackish Undertaker, cursed by the crown she wears.

Precious Blood

A young seminarian must confront the evil brewing inside the church he calls home.


A woman is held captive by a mysterious force beyond her control.


A teenage cutter in recovery and her overbearing mother are haunted by a ghost who seeks to keep them at odds.


Dolos is a period piece, in which a reprehensible Queen takes revenge on her nefarious doctor after an act of treason is committed.


An office supervisor must fight for her life when a zombie enters the bathroom.


A renowned criminal psychologist hopes to determine culpability in his "criminally insane" patients, by developing a device to live their memories.

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