Chicago Horror Film Festival


Red Roof Inn
1212 W Lincoln Hwy
Dekalb, IL 60115

2018 Festival Dates

SEPTEMBER 28-30 2018



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Heather Dorff - 2014 Special Guest!

Heather Dorff is a Chicago based, award winning actress, writer, & producer. Born and raised in Chicago, she has also spent time living in Georgia, New York, and Louisiana, as well as visited Italy, Netherlands, France, and the United Kingdom giving her a wide perspective of people and cultures arou…

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The Tour - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

Darkmoor Manor has a past shrouded in shadows and bloodshed. It was built in  1782 for millionaire and recluse Margaret DeMort. Even during its construction the house seemed cursed when an unexplained fire broke out in the west quarter
which claimed her son. Grief stricken, DeMort took her own life…

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A.J. Olson - Artist - 2014 Special Guest!!

A.J. Olson is a digital artist and photographer. He creates photo-manipulated artistic portraiture, featuring the nude female form.
Check out his art!


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Ripping It Down - Artist - 2014 CHFF Special Guest!!

Handmade jewelry and recycled pop culture accessories.

Check out the awesome creations Ripping It Down Makes by visiting the official website!  You can find links there to Facebook & Etsy!!

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Tall Tale Remains Ouija - 2014 CHFF Special Guest!

Custom Horror "Ouija" Boards, Talking Boards and Spirit Boards. Hand made, freehanded, burned boards! No inks, or engraving machines, These are real pieces of art, not cut and print etchings.
If you want to have a peek, please visit Tall Tale Remains on FACEBOOK to see more custom boards and to pla…

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Alan Rehbein - Artist - CHFF 2014 SPECIAL GUEST!!!

Alan Rehbein is an artist and sculptor specializing in fantasy, horror, and cheesecake. His work has been shown at a number of galleries and can be seen at

After graduating from the Colorado Institute of Art Alan balanced traditional commercial art assignments with costu…

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Jim Sorfleet - SnS Photo - 2014 CHFF SPECIAL GUEST!!

Jim Sorfleet is a Chicago photographer working under the name “SnS-Photo” whose interests cover a wide variety of genres. Jim specializes in alternative modeling, Boudoir, pin-up and Art depicting the darker side of human nature. However, his creativity doesn’t stop there. Jim also has years of expe…

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Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

Warren is a lonely ice-cream van driver. Selling ice-cream in one of Australia's roughest neighborhood isn't an easy job. Surrounded by unsavory characters and bullied by a local drug dealer, Warren has no choice but to escape into fantasy. It is not until he begins to make personal video diaries th…

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Beauty in the Suffering: The Crazies - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

"The wait is finally over and the soundtrack to YOUR zombie apocalypse kicks off right HERE - WE ARE THE CRAZIES - LET'S GO!!" "THE CRAZIES" (The Zombie Song) is a rallying cry for ALL zombies from the zombie perspective!

"Artist & producer DieTrich Thrall is known among industrial-metal fans for h…

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The 2014 Chicago Horror Screenplay Contest Semi-Finalists!!

Be sure to check out our Chicago Horror Screenplay Contest page to what awesome stories made the 10 ten (Semi-Finalists) in our Screenplay Contest!!  The Finalists (Award Nominees) will be announced sometime soon along with our other various film award categories!   To check out the Screenplay Conte…

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You Can't Live With Them ***WORLD PREMIER*** - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

A Short by John Wesley Norton

Sinister Fate: Zombie Bomb ***WORLD PREMIER*** Music Video - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

The World Premier Screening of Sinister Fate's latest music video "Zombie Bomb" will make it world premier screening at Chicago Horror Film Festival 2014!!  In addition to seeing the new video, you can check out Sinister Fate LIVE at the Music of Horror after hours event Saturday night at LiveWire! …

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The Redwood Massacre - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

The Redwood Massacre is about five adventurous friends, visiting the legendary murder site of the Redwood. It has all the hallmarks of being an exciting and thrilling camping weekend away.

As the five campers head deeper into the woods the soon discover they are not the only people in the mysteriou…

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Welcome to Woodbary - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

Welcome to Woodbary. A small town, where everyone knows each other… Except one person. When a local girl gets abducted and abused, her former flame goes on a hunt to find the evil human responsible. Except, there is a giant twist you will have to wait to see! Starring Rob Avvisati, Kris Williamson, …

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My Art Is Not Dead - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

My Art Is Not Dead is a stop-motion short film that follows a struggling artist in a dull world. He violently discovers where the most vivid colors are in this monochrome world, hidden within living beings. As he progresses with his paintings he struggles with love, death, obsession and the search f…

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Counter Parts - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

A young woman, injured in a car accident, uses supernatural methods to heal herself.

Oops! ***WORLD PREMIER*** - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

Mary, a beautiful blonde pre-med student, makes a sexy video which she texts to her boyfriend Bob. The next night, on picking her up from school, Bob denies having received the video, and Mary wonders who may have received it instead; Bob teases her, suggesting it may have been a deranged serial kil…

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The Disappeared ***WORLD PREMIER*** - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

Three strangers are selected, at random, to suffer a horrible death.  Jeff, Robert, and Angie are thrown together in a dungeon and forced to wait their turn to die. No one can help  because they are now the disappeared.

Alice D - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

In the late 1890s the Davenport House was a famous and successful brothel, until a young prostitute named Alice killed herself there. After her death, the brothel became haunted by Alice's ghost, and was eventually abandoned, while still owned by the Davenport Family.

Over a century later, the old st…

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The Security Guards - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

A couple trespasses into a an abandoned graveyard to steal a fabled buried treasure, but get more than they bargained for.

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