Chicago Horror Film Festival

September 24th & 25th

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The Tour - 2014 CHFF Official Selection!

Darkmoor Manor has a past shrouded in shadows and bloodshed. It was built in  1782 for millionaire and recluse Margaret DeMort. Even during its construction the house seemed cursed when an unexplained fire broke out in the west quarter
which claimed her son. Grief stricken, DeMort took her own life by hanging  herself from the rafters. The next family lasted less than a year in the house,  butchered by their gardener whilst they slept. In court the gardener claimed that the house made him do it. Since then many more lives have been taken by the  house, its doors now closed to the public but even so, people still try to seek the secrets held inside and are never seen again.
The infamy of the house and continuing disappearances ensures tourism to the  the struggling town of Darkmoor continues. On one particular tour, the guide takes a shine to two attractive Americans and in a bid to impress them, promises to get them inside. Excited by the prospect of a personal tour of the famous house by such a charming Englishmen, the women accept but none of them could have expected what was waiting for them inside Darkmoor Manor. Some secrets are best left alone.

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