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Bharmaur, Northern India

A young pregnant woman runs through snowy woods near an ancient temple. She is being chased.

Terrified, the woman enters the ruins of an abandoned religious building. It looks like she's lost her aggressor. When she finally feels safe, she's ambushed and strangled to death.

Chicago, six months later

Doctor Sheila Khan and her husband To

Getting used to each other won't come easy at the Salerno's home. Specially because the little brothers seem to be constantly afraid... mostly at night. Always anxious, their dark eyes look through the windows in some kind of silent permanent state of alert.

Their fears become real when, at one school event, they are chased by a mysterious man. The two little kids run through dark alleys until they are finally trapped.

Kidnapped and defenseless, Samir and Pran think their time has come, when something unexpected happens. The man, who was clearly getting ready to kill them, seems to have a change of heart. He simply cannot proceed, and lets them go.

The brothers run for their lives, leaving behind a man who knows he will have to pay the price for his failure. Something still unseen, fast and powerful attacks the man, tearing him to pieces.

A homicide detective knocks at the Salerno's residence next morning. The mysterious man and his even more disconcerting death have left a trail of un-answered questions. A visit to the motel room where he was staying shows he was some kind of religious fanatic. Besides pages of the bible and the Quran, there are also many pictures and articles. The articles are about a series of gruesome crimes committed in the town of Bharmaur (where Samir and Pran are from). There are also family pictures... not his own, but the children's; including an article from the Medical Journal written by his wife Sheila.

Back home, Tony and Sheila will try to make sense of all the pieces. Who was that man; what did he want with the kids? And most importantly: Who killed him? Are the kids still in any kind of danger?

As days go by, things seem to start going back to normal at the Salerno's; even when Samir and Pran are still afraid at night. Tony and Sheila do their best to bring some sense of comfort and safety to the two little brothers. It almost seems to be working, when the kids see someone

walking around the house. Making an effort to hide his own fears and concerns, Tony tells his family he will install a system of surveillance cameras that will demonstrate that there's nothing to worry about.

Next morning, the tape recordings show no presence at all. However, they can clearly see some objects moved around in the backyard; as if an invisible force had been there the night before.

Alarmed about the children's and their own safety, Tony and Sheila start their own investigation to find out what they are facing.

Even when officially the police has already let go, the homicide detective has kept watching Salerno's home. His curiosity eventually takes him too close to the truth, which he ends up paying with his own life.

With help of an old Guru friend of Sheila's, they finally get to reveal the nature of their enemy: A Churel is a female demon that is born after the violent death of a pregnant woman. She will come back turned into a hideous monster that will seek revenge killing all the males of the family of those who caused her death. Further investigations, also reveal that the man who kidnapped the kids was actually a monk trying to stop the demon by the only mean possible: by offering in sacrifice the life of the last males from the family, (Samir and Pran). Apparently, their uncle had had an affair with a girl, and in order to save his religious vows, he had killed her before she had his child.

Tony and Sheila are rational people, and they simply cannot believe such a fantastic story. But Samir has overheard it too, and he has decided to sacrifice himself to the Churel, in order to save his little brother.

In a last act full of suspense and horror, Tony and Sheila will have to race against time to prevent young Samir from taking his own life; or at least that's what they believe he will do. What the couple is not prepared for, is to face a creature that is unstoppable in its thirst for blood and revenge.

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