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Stormy Night - CHFF Fan Favorite Film from 2011 to Screen at CHFF 2014!

Stormy Night (formerly On A Dark And Stormy Night) claimed multiple awards at the 2011 CHFF and is returning for a special fan favorite screening at CHFF 2014 this weekend!  The film had such a great reception at multiple festivals, that Breaking Fate Entertainment obtained distribution rights for the film.  A DVD release of this award winning film is currently pending!  The film should be available on DVD in time for the holidays 2014!

Andrew (Aaron Massey) is afraid that his girlfriend will report a hit-and-run he committed on Halloween Night. Andrew’s friend Gray (Juan Riedinger) proposes a solution – to kill her. Andrew is reluctant at first, but Gray convinces him that murder is the only option. Little does Andrew know that Gray’s twisted proposition forecasts a coldblooded massacre…on a stormy night.

Check out this awesome music video featuring the music of Rachel Lynn with he film title track "On A Dark And Stormy Night'.  The video features several clips from the film.

[youtube id="rNetYz1ibm8"]

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