Chicago Horror Film Festival

September 24th & 25th

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210 W. 87th St.
Chicago, IL 60620


17-year old Eli (SPENCER DANIELS) moves with his family to the isolated farm of reclusive Waylon (BRAD DOURIF), a man whose dark past threatens to overtake him. Eli's family works to restore the desolate fields, while he becomes fascinated with the forests. While on the farm, Eli meets the mysterious Amanda (ALEXIA FAST) when she gives him an apple. The next day she extracts a promise from him to avoid the deep woods. Reeling from a violent encounter with his father, one night he breaks this promise and finds her body hanging from a tree. To take the Faulkner quote literally, the past is never dead - Amanda has been a ghost for thirty years.
His best friend Katie (SARAH STEELE) sees his unhappiness on the farm and pleads with him to run away with her. He's forced to choose, and he stays on the farm. He needs to make up for his broken promise and protect Amanda. As he does this, the farm's dark past slowly unwinds. Eli's father dies under mysterious circumstances, and Waylon emerges as a threat. Obsessed with Amanda, Waylon becomes increasingly violent. Eli is the only one who can save Amanda. Within the forests a different line is drawn between life and death. To save someone on the other side of that line, Eli is forced to make a tragic choice.

Last Kind Words OFFICIAL TRAILER from kevin barker on Vimeo.

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