Chicago Horror Film Festival


College friends Ryan and Luke go on a camping trip in Alaska with their girlfriends, Jade and Chelsea with hunky Shaun along for the ride. What could possibly go wrong?

Driving through the exact middle of nowhere they spot a family standing next to their SUV by the road.

Hungry, tired and far from a kale salad, they speed toward their cabin but before the sun sets, t

Out of gas they search for somewhere to spend the night that does not involve wolves. They stop at the closest thing to a gas station.

The outside is plastered with posters of missing persons and pets. And a moose.

Instead of gas or food they find Iris and Ivy who warn them not to go to the mine. And give a free lesson on taxidermy, because, why not?

Ignoring the warnings, they go toward the mine. Seeing the couple’s abandoned SUV and hearing cries of the baby, they decide to enter the creepy place. Ryan suggests they split up 'to cover more ground’, then follows Chelsea instead of his girlfriend. Hmm.

Jade and Shaun try to find the couple with the baby while Luke hopes to find gold. Instead of gold, they stumble upon the baby’s mother – dead.

Jade, Shaun and Luke run to find the others.

Ryan and Chelsea, who have been secretly cheating on Jade and Luke, are totally busted making out. The whole group falls apart and Luke storms off angrily. Ryan insists on seeing the dead body, but it is gone! Jade and Shaun can’t explain it, they just want to find Luke and go home.

They discover strange, creepy things and when they find Luke’s baseball cap covered in blood, they realize the mine may be a deadly place for them all.

Jade, Shaun and Chelsea leave Ryan at the mine and go back to the store in hopes to find help. The twins explain the mystery: inmates of Blackburn Asylum burned the place to the ground and the deranged survivors are hiding out in the mine along with the dangerous gasses that fill the place. Suddenly they are attacked by Digits and 3Eyes, the twins are taken out and the kids are chased back to the mine.

Here they find the trophies of the deranged lunatics – men who have been caught, killed, stuffed and mounted for the ringleader – Mary, the disfigured bride who was left at the altar. They watch helplessly as she kills Ryan in front of their eyes.

As they try to escape they find dead women with their faces burned off to match Mary’s “beauty”. They are caught and Mary gives Chelsea a makeover – with a blowtorch.

Jade and Shaun escape, but feel they must return to rescue the baby. To survive, they must find the courage to avoid – or kill - all three crazies.

But perhaps they were not entirely successful – there may be more friends in the mine.

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