Chicago Horror Film Festival

Artist Geo Alderson - 2016 Special Guest! (Sunday Only)

Geo Alderson is an artist from the Chicago area who sees herself as a part within this universe of beautiful dirt. Her philosophy is that a viewer can find immense beauty in any visible point whether or not others see that point the same way; it all depends on the eye of the beholder.  She often deals with themes of finding beauty and spirituality in nature and decay.  She loves dark and macabre images.  Geo is an artist of many media, she has worked in several types of painting, drawing, photography, digital design, printmaking, sculpture, film, and more.  She first became known as the creator of Dollfaced Horrors, dolls that bring cute and creepy together in an unusual combination of dark beauty.  Her work has been seen in Chicago's Nineteen Hundred and One Gallery, at the Geneva Fine Arts Fair, the Chicago Horror Film Festival, Morpho Gallery, Arterie Fine Arts Gallery, the House Café , and elsewhere.  Geo earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Northern Illinois University.

To learn more about Geo, visit her website at:

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