Chicago Horror Film Festival


The 2016 Chicago Horror Film Festival is now a wrap and a huge success for the producers, filmmakers, theater and fans alike!

We experienced record-breaking attendance and more horror films than ever before!

Festival director Willy Adkins wishes to thank all of the filmmakers who submitted to our 2016 season and the greatest thanks to the filmmakers who came to experience the festival first hand.  A major thanks to Eddie, Mark, Ivan, Charles, Ahmed, Melissa and all other Patio Theater staff for saving the Chicago Horror Film Festival from possible extinction.  CHFF is like a child to me (and also it's founder, Jason R. Davis) and you have kept it alive and growing.  Also a huge thanks to Dennis Wolkowicz for his everlasting support of CHFF and the Chicago film community in general.  

Thanks to our 2016 Host, Actor Shannon Brown for his outstanding work all weekend.  Ron Fitzgerald for his dark and sticky brand of entertainment.  Major thanks to Anita Nicole Brown for her help with production, box office and talent management.  Thanks to our Spook Show Girls and Breaking Fate Fellas for keeping our guests entertained from the moment they walked in the door.  Thanks to our vendors and special guests.  Thanks to Cassie Balazic Photography for doing photos at the event (coming to our website / facebook soon)!  Thanks to David Carlson for his hospitality and offerings to our staff and crew.  And a huge thanks to Mark Goles who has put in major efforts to our production from booking, to promotion, sound, projection and putting in the extra effort to keep our filmmakers and guests happy.

And now, a big congrats to our 2016 CHFF award winners!  To see the award winners visit our new 2016 History Page by CLICKING HERE!


Willy Adkins
CHFF Festival Director
Breaking Fate Entertainment


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