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September 24th & 25th

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Willy Adkins at 2011 Chicago Horror Film Fest!

Mr. Willy Adkins is the CEO of Spook Show Entertainment and a “jack of all trades” in the entertainment industry. He is well know for his paranormal investigation ventures. Willy founded The Illinois Ghost Hunters, The Paranormal Research Community & Afterlife Paranormal. His paranormal ventures…

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Ron Fitzgerald at CHFF 2011!!

Master Ron Fitzgerald is an Actor, Gothic Illusionist and Host for strange, dark fun! Fitzgerald has performed from Hollywood to Hong Kong with his wicked and weird style of Illusion in his live show "Fitzgerald's Realm of Magic", which includes Ron eating razor blades! He is the only illusioni…

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Michael Morlock's Supernatural World official 2011 Selection!

Boomstick Productions presents a very funny and timely "mockumentary" from writer/director John Wesley Norton,  staring the intrepid Michael Morlock, paranormal researcher, historian, filmmaker and self-avowed party boy. Follow Michael as he investigates supernatural events around the globe, fro…

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On A Dark And Stormy Night Official 2011 Selection!

Andrew (Aaron Massey) is afraid that his girlfriend Roxanne (Anna Ward) will report to the police a terrible crime Andrew committed Halloween night. Andrew's friend, Gray (Juan Riedinger) has one solution to keep her quiet--kill her. Gray brutally kills Roxanne, and while figuring out what to do wi…

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Compulsion Official 2011 Selection!

"Compulsion" is the story of Curtis (Christopher Stapleton), a gleefully sadistic serial killer who preys on young women, follows Leslie (Mimi Michaels) home one night and terrorizes her only to discover he may have bitten off more than he can chew. An unexpected game of cat and mouse ensues, culmi…

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Jason Davis At The 2011 Chicago Horror Film Festival!

Jason R. Davis is the founder of the Chicago Horror Film Festival and the Indy Horror Film Festival. He has an education in film studies and screenwriting. However, before he went into film, he had another love that had driven him. Writing. Reading. The Art of Fiction.

He has spent much of his …

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Heather Dorff Official 2011 CHFF Host!

Heather Dorff was born and raised outside of Chicago, I.L. until she was 11 years old. She moved to Rome, Georgia with her family for nearly 9 years. Heather realized her passion for acting through high school and community theater productions while in Georgia. She has spend time in New York and N…

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Geo Alderson In CHFF Art of Horror 2011!


Geo Alderson

Geo Alderson is an emerging artist from the Chicago area who sees herself as a part within this universe of beautiful dirt. Her philosophy is that a viewer can find immense beauty in any visible point whether or not others see that point the same way, it all depends on the eye of the be…

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