Award Winning Actor North Roberts Selected As 2014 CHFF Official Host!

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Having walked the boards since childhood, actor laureate and author North Roberts moved from the stage to the screen in 2005’s La Migra: Murder on the Border.  North is no stranger to the genres of mystery and horror, having featured in films such as Bled White, Love, Death & Blueberry Pancakes, Plastic, Day 1, Merchandise, and Mictlantecuhtli.

“Horror and mystery have always fascinated me,” North tells us here at Breaking Fate...

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The 2014 Chicago Music of Horror Lineup!!

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The 2014 Chicago Music of Horror Festival!

The Official After Hours Party Of The Chicago Horror Film Festival!


Tickets For This After Hours Event Available At The Door Each Night!


MUSIC OF HORROR DAY 1                                                                    MUSIC OF HORROR DAY 2

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The Murders of Brandywine Theater – 2014 CHFF Official Selection!!

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As a boy, Henry Kosta was not allowed to have friends as his mother feared any outside influence might corrupt the poor boy and lead him down a dark road. The boy begged and begged his overprotective mother to allow him to have just one friend until finally, the old woman could take it no longer. Using random junk and old bicycle parts, the woman crafted a bizarre new companion for her only son. She built him a friend who, unlike the outside world, would never corrupt her sweet, innocent child.

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2013 Chicago Horror Film Festival Award Winners!

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2035165 Dorothy Pritchard est juste votre moyenne, assez, tous les Américains, un adolescent qui bratty chiffres, elle a tout fait quand elle a demandé à la maison passer les riches Poe sur Halloween. Avec un salaire en bonne santé, et la perspective de son petit ami chaud en provenance de plus de faire sortir, il n'y a rien debout entre Dorothy et le plus mémorable de sa vie Halloween. Rien, c'est, sauf pour la mère de l'Poe dans le coma pourrir vivant dans la chambre à l'étage. Entouré par les poupées et son clown arlequin favorite, la Mère est un spectacle macabre à voir. Il ne faut pas longtemps pour Dorothy pour déterminer qui peut-être cette nuit, n'est pas tout ce qu'il a promis d'être, et découvre bientôt que, lorsque les lumières s'éteignent, et sa mère n'ont jamais été seuls à la maison. Comme l'orage se développe, et la panne d'électricité, la nuit Dorothy de jeux amusants et descend rapidement au cauchemar, comme elle est hantée et harcelée par les hôtes de l'enfer. Quand tout semble perdu, et à son bout de ressources, elle doit affronter les démunis en apparence, sinistre de la mère à mettre fin à cette galerie de l'horreur, seulement pour découvrir qu'elle peut en fait être pas de match pour les morts-vivants.
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THE GAUNTLET – 2013 CHFF Official Selection!

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In a sunken Castle underneath the earth, five strangers wake. They have no food. No memory. No water. And no way out. These strangers are from every normal walk of life, yet they each have a secret. They don't know it yet, but they're capable of something they never imagined. They must organize and band together for the sinister adventure that awaits them.

Official The Gauntlet Teaser Trailer #1 from Matt Eskandari on Vimeo.

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DEATHLY LOVE – 2013 CHFF Official Selection!

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OFFICIAL Deathly Love Poster 1.6 The story opens in the 80's during a late night gathering of masked cult members in which a young virgin is sacrificed under the light of the full moon. Ten years later Ricky returns to his hometown to make a life for himself and his kid sister - orphaned and alone. Seemingly genuine and caring, it is instantly apparent that Ricky is involved in something deeper and much darker than his innocent demeanor. He begins to receive threatening letters and pictures making it difficult to focus on his new found love and the protection of his sister. When members of the quirky group of females that have been life long friends of his girlfriend begin turning up dead - Ricky becomes increasingly agitated and horrific events beyond his control begin to take place.Read More

READY OR NOT – 2013 CHFF Official Selection!

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13-year-old Paige has never felt as though she really belonged in her family. Then she discovers that they have been keeping secrets from her. Awful secrets. When she begins to take extreme measures against them, it is up to Paige’s little sister, Ella, to stop her.

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THE PLAN – 2013 CHFF Official Selection!

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Ben's dreams often mix with his surroundings. Years of self-neglect lead him to look back at his past decisions, unable to fully comprehend why he took a certain path in life, Ben travels through his twisted memories, unable to let go. However, Ben's memories are shattered and painted with darkness. His heart wishes to erase his past actions as he slowly drowns himself in misery and masochism. Ben travels through an important day in his life; a day that will never let him go. While venturing through his demented past, things slowly become clearer to him, but is drowning in his own thoughts enough to help Ben let go?​

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OUR LADY OF LOURDES – 2013 CHFF Official Selection!

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our lady

Bernard, an old drunk, intervenes when a young girl, Lourdes, is hassled by a lecherous detective. They spark up a rapport, and in gratitude Lourdes offers to buy him a hot meal. As the two unlikely friends get to know each other, Bernard explains the sad, sordid circumstances that have led him to a life on the street. It becomes increasingly clear that the deeply religious Bernard is a sick man. Now in the final days of his bout with alcoholism, Bernard's guilt and remorse have manifested into hallucinatory visions of hellish dark specters. His only comfort seems to be his dog, Misha, that has recently gone missing. When Lourdes learns that Bernard saved the brave dog from a horrific fate, she pledges to help him find it. Her kindness gets her more than she bargained for when Bernard is struck down by a seizure and stays with him as he teeters between, what Bernard sees as, heaven and hell. Moved by the experience, she continues to search for the dog through the night, with frightening consequences.

Our Lady of Lourdes | Trailer from Peter Szewczyk on Vimeo.

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