Chicago Horror Film Festival

September 24th & 25th

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210 W. 87th St.
Chicago, IL 60620

The 2009 Chicago Horror Film Festival - Season 10

When the Portage Theater opened its doors In September 2009, a top hat shaped shadow reflected off the white projection screen as a deep dark voice erupted, “Its Friday evening folks. Do you know where your daughters at? She’s swimming in blood at The Historic Portage Theater for the 10th Annual Chicago Horror Film Festival!” Mr. Willy hosted a great weekend of screens, blood and horror! Chicago’s own industrial metal sensation “Marazene” was the Music of Horror featured performance.  Zombie Pin Ups with Master Ron Fitzgerald along with Kitty Zombie were a flesh-driven hit! Awesome FX makeup artists displayed their trade in a bloody art show on stage and Geo’s Dollfaced Horrors looked so cute with a threat of a bite! Our tenth-anniversary bash was one never to forget!

NOTE: We are currently looking for photos / history help with this event.  If you had a film screen with us or any promotional materials, please CONTACT US.  A large portion of our festival history was lost several years ago and we would love to rebuild our history with more detail.  Thanks!