Chicago Horror Film Festival

September 24th & 25th

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210 W. 87th St.
Chicago, IL 60620

The 2007 Chicago Horror Film Festival - Season 8

In our eight festival, we had guests Reggie Bannister, Edwin Neal, and Ron Fitzgerald. We also had a special appearance by Stuart Gordon who dropped by to check out a couple of films.  Mr. Willy Adkins who had performed as the drummer for “DiAmorte” at our seventh festival joined our production team and helped us introduce our new Ladies of Horror competition which was a big success and also brought to life our Music of Horror competition.  Salome Slaughter (Suicide Girls) won our Ladies of Horror competition making her the official hostess of the festival!  Two very energetic and young groups from Chicagoland known as Setonas and Cripple Ewe won the Music of Horror Competition and gave amazing life performances on the Historic Portage stage. Our event was sponsored by A&E’s Paranormal State, and we premiered a very special sneak peak at what was their new upcoming show.  Our eight festival also marked the Warner Brother Premiere for Jeff Thomas’ “Fallen Angels”.

NOTE: We are currently looking for photos / history help with this event.  If you had a film screen with us or any promotional materials, please CONTACT US.  A large portion of our festival history was lost several years ago and we would love to rebuild our history with more detail.  Thanks!