Chicago Horror Film Festival

September 24th & 25th

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210 W. 87th St.
Chicago, IL 60620

The 2014 Chicago Horror Film Festival - Season 4

It was in our fourth festival that we expanded the amount of guests that we had as well as started a new exhibit that we entitled, “Experience the Horror”. For guests, we brought back Ari Lehman as well as “Bubba Ho-Tep” star, Chuck Williams. “Experience the Horror” was set up as a way for fans to visit the film festival and have special effects make-up applied as though they themselves were in a horror film. The make-up effects were done by the amazing artist, Kristoffer Neumann.

NOTE: We are currently looking for photos / history help with this event.  If you had a film screen with us or any promotional materials, please CONTACT US.  A large portion of our festival history was lost several years ago and we would love to rebuild our history with more detail.  Thanks!